The Survey Report-on the First thing that grabs your Attention in the Market

What attracts you the most in the market? The quality, functioning, or the appearance? Whenever you enter some offline market, or even online your attention is always grabbed by those things which has an appealing packaging. You roll your eyes around and they stops at the most charming color and exquisite design. Here is a survey report which proves that people are often attracted by the appearance.


Percentage %

of People

People’s Statement about their attraction in the market
37% Product’s Color and Design attracts them in the market.
25% Just the color scheming matters in the products.
15% Size of the packaging is the major attraction.
11% Good Shapes of the product are necessary.
09% The texture also plays the role in attracting the customer.


Usually, sellers consider nice appearance of the product more beneficial for their sale. Products in the market are packaged and off-line markets advertise their products with attractive pictures. So the only thing, a consumer can see is a beautiful appearance that’s why sellers concern is all around alluring designs and attractive colors. While shopping, there are always two perspectives:


  • Manly Perspective
  • Feminine Perspective


Manly Perspective always prefers vigorous display of their products like hard core shampoos, deodorants, perfumes and so on. The producers of such products always consider manly captions on the custom packaging of their products. Similarly, feminine products are also advertised in such ways. Producers hire beautiful models to be displayed on the custom packaging of their products, which attracts women more.


These packaging has to be done by someone proficient, who can grab the attention by just looking at it. Bluebird Packaging is the house of creative ideas for the packaging of your products. Custom Packaging of your products isn’t only your stress; your stress will fade away when your product’s custom packaging is in Bluebird packaging’s hands. They will surely make your products eye catching for the consumers.

We wrap up your Demands in our Packaging

While customizing your Customized Boxes, our first priority is to fulfill all your demands. We value your demands and requirements. It makes a stronger bond between you and us, which makes the quality of your packaging tremendously perfect. In a friendly environment, we make the best deals, which suits your pockets and cover all your requirements as well. Mind blowing innovative designing is the new trend, for making your product champion in the market.


We won’t let Your Customers Go:

We all have listened “First impression is the last impression, but Bluebird Packaging has taken it quite seriously. Customers are usually impressed by the printing and packaging of the product. The specifications of the product are always their second priority. We will discuss your customer’s psychology and work according to it. Sometimes, it also happens that if they find anything attractively packaged. They go for it, despite it’s of their need or not. By keeping your packaging aesthetically pleasing, your revenue will automatically escalate.


Your Time is also Precious for us:

We will never exceed the promised time of your delivery. Your precious time will not be wasted. Quality packaging and on-time delivery can be assured by all of our previous customers. A chance is never given to our customer to complain, as we always have provided the best quality packaging to our customer. The standard of our material is always kept high, as we have never compromise on it. Hence, even short time for product’s delivery never lessens the quality of our customized packaging.


What You Have to Do?

All you have to do is trusting our packaging services. Innovation in our designs will surely stronger our professional bonds. The shipping will be safe and sound, and will keep your products secure from any damage. We will design your packaging according to the new trends and your requirements. The whole theme of Bluebird Packaging will ultimately provide admirable results. We deal in Cardboard Boxes, Kraft Boxes and Rigid Boxes which can be used for their purposes, respectively. Our Customized boxes can be beneficial for any of your product. No matter, which industry you belong but the standard of our services will always remain high?;

Packaging Industry and Top Rated Packaging Suppliers

Packaging industries play an important role in advertising, marketing, safe packaging, wrapping of the various products.  Initially, packaging was a simple and easy. But as the time passed packaging suppliers develop many advanced packaging techniques that meet the market and product requirements.


Why only Bluebird Packaging?

The Bluebird Packaging is a remarkable name in the world of Printing and Packaging Solutions. They believe in delivering the high-quality printing and packaging for their valuable customers. Their manufacturing plant is equipped with the new techniques and many types of advanced equipment that manufacturers each and every piece of the custom boxes with uniformity in minimal time. They use different stock for packaging as per the demand and need for the product. These features make them top packaging suppliers.


Variety of Packaging Solution:

As products are of different shapes, sizes and dimensions, hence they need different packaging solution. One packing style and design cannot be used at all. So, Packaging Suppliers come up with the variety of packaging ideas and solution of the product. There is a huge range of custom boxes that are offered by the top packaging suppliers. These include retail boxes, Custom Boxes, bakery boxes, cosmetic boxes etc with a variety of printing options.  Variety of stock options are available that are merged with different designs to get the uniqueness every time.


Designing of Custom Boxes:

Make your Custom Boxes be an attractive part of your business by availing the free graphic designing service from us. Our experienced and skilled professionals leave no stone unturned to make your custom boxes look fascinating and mesmerizing. Make your product a picking choice of the majority of people by adoring these through the outstanding graphics designing.

How Cardboard Packaging Brought Revolution In Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is getting eminent success day by day. Revolution in the packaging industry is brought by the advent of cardboard stock. The cardboard stock is widely used nowadays in the manufacturing of a variety of packaging boxes. Indeed, it is the top choice for making enormous packaging boxes. This is mainly due to the following characteristic and benefits of these amazing cardboard stocks.


Prevents Deformation:

Cardboard Box Suppliers are contacted to make the trendy and stylish cardboard boxes as these boxes are of great strength. These boxes do not get deformed like the other ordinary boxes. Indeed, they resist deformation and can be used for longer. These are highly reliable and durable


Ensures Product Safety:

Cardboard boxes ensure optimum product security. Now, no more damage to the products! Using a sturdy custom cardboard box gives a remarkable boost to the business. It also prevents the damage to the products. The damage or breakage is a quite common issue that needs to be addressed. Cardboard Boxes are the ultimate solution for these sorts of problems, Indeed, it is a good choice for the packaging fragile products too.


Printing and Designing:

Cardboard boxes allow you to print your theme, design, logo and other important specification on them. These Printed Cardboard Boxes make the product more desirable and eye capturing to the customer. As it delivers your message to the customer related to the product and your company.


Wholesale Cardboard Boxes:

Wholesale cardboard boxes aids to run your business smoothly. It prevents the delay packaging of your products by the unavailability or a shortage of the stock. Bluebird Packaging helps you in this regard by providing the uninterrupted supply of the finest quality of the Wholesale Cardboard Boxes at your doorstep.

5 Packaging Keys to help Guarantee Retail Success

Retail business had a very ancient history that is now turned into retail shops to large retailer markets and mall. Retailing deals with the sealing of the product via making its display appealing to the customers. These retails may include baby products, household items, personal use item or food items.


Depending upon the need and requirement of the product these products are packed. Their proper Retail Boxes Printing is not only important for the durability of the product, but also plays a key role in the success of the retail business. Following are the five packaging keys that aid to achieve success in your retail business.


Multipurpose Boxes:

Always select the multipurpose boxes for Retail Packaging. These are much more desirable than the single function boxes. Try to make your retail packaging boxes stylish, trendy and multi-purpose in order to get the boosted success.


Elegantly Designed:

The more elegant the design would be, the more remarkable the product would be considered. Use the professional graphics designing skills to attract plenty of customers and cast a spell on them.


Economical Boxes:

No one wants to purchase a product expensive merely because its packaging costs much. For the success of a retail business, it is necessary to keep this point into special consideration. Bluebird Packaging is playing a vital role in order to provide individuals and businesses, cost effective solutions to produce custom boxes for Retail Products Packaging.


Creative ideas:

The market is saturated with the same themes and boring ideas of the packaging. Be creative in designing your Custom Boxes. Select the style and shape of the box that can be easily hung or stacked innovatively rather than giving the routine boring display. Creativity always attracts customers towards your product.


Do not Mention Unnecessary Information:

It is very important to recognize the mentality of the customers. Do not make your customer puzzle by writing unnecessary information on the Packaging Boxes. Make them simple and comprehensible to the customers.

The Importance of Packaging in Beauty Products – Best Tips!

Women are very fond of putting make up for their looks. Egyptians were the first who use cosmetic for their good looks and appearance. As the time passed basic beauty products were revolutionized by the modern cosmetic products. In today’s era, frequent use of makeup products generates the importance of packaging in the beauty product industry as the more elegant your Cosmetic Boxes the more customers attracts towards your beauty brand. Personal care products and cosmetic products have to be packed to avoid any damage or contamination to the product.


Design as a Marketing Tool:

Design of the cosmetic packaging shows their importance as it allows you to engage the counter towards your product placed on the shelf. Bluebird Packaging offers brilliant designs for the cosmetic packaging. They provide you the service of free designing if you lack your own idea or want to modify your design. They design the Cosmetic Boxes Wholesale that not only protect your product, but also advertise it.


Prevent Environmental Hazards:

Beauty products contain expensive active ingredients that need Custom Cosmetic Packaging. For the skin care products, it is of prime importance to save them from the environmental effects like direct sunlight exposure, air, or microbial attack. Hence, Bluebird packaging comes up with the wonderful packaging solution for your beauty product.


Easy and Safe Transit:

During the transport, many of the products get damaged and fails to maintain their original shape. Using cardboard boxes for the Cosmetic Packaging their storage and transit of such products works the best. Without accurate packaging, it is not possible to deliver the product safely to the end user.

Make a Positive Mark on Customers mind by using Customized Printed Boxes

Welcome to the age of advancement where everything is getting modernized with technologies. In the world of customized boxes colors and patterns play an important role in attracting people towards themselves. It is much easier to put all the desired information in the customized printed boxes that are considered to be very necessary for the targeted customers. Bluebird Packaging is here to serve his respected clients to according their needs.


This information may include the product quality, design, company, price and other related things. A box can be designed fabulously according to the size and shape of the box. Because more desired information can be printed on the boxes hence they are more pocket-friendly too. These printed boxes also act as a riddle to the customers that what that lovely customized boxes hold inside the box.


People love to buy the beautiful looking stuff rather than the already known stuff. As it is the matter of surprise for them. They love to solve the riddle of a packed box. These customized boxes can be made more attractive by adding special features in the customized box like side pocket, a little insert, any side holding or a slot etc. customized printed boxes has beautiful colors or designs that leave a strong impact on your mind.


Whenever you see a customized printed box it leaves a reminder on your mind about the company or the product which gives you complete Printing and Packaging Solution.  User friendly customized printed boxes leads to more Sale of the product and gives a new route of success to your business.